You may not unleash the artistic rage
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President's Message

Gary Boyarski
Yeah, I couldn't think of a witty title.

I've noticed that on the 'add a comic' page there's a little asterisk where it says "Comic Title" and then there's another one way the hell down at the bottom of the page followed by "You may not unleash the artistic rage"

I've always found this message rather cryptic, so I figured what the hell, I'll use it as my strip title. Maybe by doing so I'll unlock some hidden Comic Fury secret.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Poor Stoner! He's really quite desperate. Boozer is just funny lol
He seems rather proud of his disaster. Lol
Whiskey T. Foxtrot
Yup, that's the way to convince someone to let you stay in their house. Hehe.
Such pride!
By the way, Stoner makes a guest appearance in my latest comic...
Gary Boyarski
Awesome. I love Stoner's guest appearance in your comic. everyone should check it out here:
Cool link to the comic...:D
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