The Bionic Beer Man Pt. 5
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President's Message

Gary Boyarski
Happy Monday! ... NOT!

Bet alot of you had to wake up early and got to work or school or whatever other nonsense you're obligated to do on this spinning ball of rock and slime.

But heads up true believer's, all you have to do to rid yourselves of the pain of living is come back here everyday and see what these two losers are up to.

Boozer & Stoner: Guaranteed to make you feel better about yourself! :)

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

He's gone from boy scout to fireman.
Magnificent Dandelion
You know, here's how I think this scene is going to go down.

Breaking news: Boy's cat died, kid said that some crazy, possibly drunk, man with a card board box on his head and wrists threw a beer bottle at the cat and the cat fell to the ground with huge chunks of glass and beer scattered on the dead cat's carcass. Local police forces are currently hunting this psycho, maniac down as we speak!
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