The Bionic Beer Man Pt. 1
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President's Message

Gary Boyarski
Finally! New updates. So, following the epic failure of trying to draw Boozer & Stoner on massive 11 x 17 inch paper, (which, made it really time consuming) I've elected to downsize my doodles in an attempt to make the strip daily.

That's right, look for your favourite fools here everyday (or almost) except for the weekends!


The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Magnificent Dandelion
Don't you just love how anyone can be a super hero these days?
Gary Boyarski
Can't have enough drunk super heroes. :)
Finally a super hero with beer keg abs.
Gary Boyarski
Dang, Beer Kegs. Never even thought of that. An armour upgrade may be in the works for Beer Man in the near future.
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