Romancing under The Influence Pt.2
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President's Message

Gary Boyarski
Sorry about the bleak looking website.

I've been trying to learn HTML by trial and error by dissassembling one of the pre made layouts that Comic Fury offers. So far i've managed to insert a colorful logo. And delete a bunch of stuff. I think I may need help.

(Scratch that. I made such a mess of it this afternoon, that I just reset it back to default for now.)

Read new BOOZER & STONER comics right here, Monday to Friday!

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Things are not looking good for Boozer.

Question: How do you think it would turn out if you made a chapter system for Boozer and Stoner and made full length misadventures?
Gary Boyarski
Funny you should mention that. I do have several full-length Boozer & Stoner adventures completed. I was gonna get around to printing them as comic books. But I suppose I could put them up on here as well.
Oh, man, how the hell is this bitch not a dyke?!
I think he is just going to have to abandon the house with his friend.
she has to be a dyke, poor boozer lol
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