Epic Mealtime With Boozer
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President's Message

Gary Boyarski
As you can see Boozer is a man of many talents. :)

And in other exciting news, the local newspaper did a story on me and my webcomic! I'm excited to go pick it up today, and see what they wrote. Hopefully it's all good.

Maybe I'll post the article here Thursday for the rest of you sicko's.

Till then, I remain, your webcomic overlord.

Gary Boyarski

Email: boyarski_gary@hotmail.com

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Magnificent Dandelion
Add a rat to every dish that requires a cookie mixer. Guaranteed protein! Now, I'm not saying I eat other animals. No, that's sick. I just make sure they're dead first. (Pro tip: Pop it with a couple of shotgun shells to make sure you get a little bit of led in your dead animal. =D)
It's still good, just pick off that rat tail.
Dude, that is so cool about your local newspaper. I'm so jealous!!!
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