1.The Hand Sanitizer Incident Pt.111/24/2011
2.The Hand Sanitizer Incident Pt.211/25/2011
3.Grimm Consequences11/26/2011
4.Boozer Vs. Barfield Pt.111/27/2011
5.Boozer Vs. Barfield Pt.211/28/2011
6.Boozer Vs. Barfield Pt.311/29/2011
7.Scarface Pt.111/30/2011
8.Scarface Pt.212/1/2011
9.Scarface Pt.312/2/2011
10.Scarface Pt.412/5/2011
11.Scarface Pt.512/6/2011
12.Romancing Under The Influence Pt.112/7/2011
13.Romancing under The Influence Pt.212/8/2011
14.Romancing Under The Influence Pt.312/9/2011
15.Romancing Under The Influence Pt.412/10/2011
16.Romancing Under The Influence Pt.512/12/2011
17.Romancing Under The Influence Pt.612/13/2011
18.Making Jack Daniels Proud12/14/2011
19.Reality TV Gone Bad12/15/2011
20.Reality TV Gone Bad Pt.212/16/2011
21.Reality TV Gone Bad Pt.312/19/2011
22.Nice on Ice Pt.112/21/2011
23.Nice on Ice Pt. 212/23/2011
24.Nice On Ice Pt.312/28/2011
25.Nice On Ice Pt.412/30/2011
26.Thanks Dingleballs Pt. 11/2/2012
27.Thanks Dingleballs Pt. 21/4/2012
28.Thanks Dingleballs Pt. 31/6/2012
29.Thanks Dingleballs Pt. 41/9/2012
30.Thanks Dingleballs Pt. 51/11/2012
31.Thanks Dingleballs Pt. 61/13/2012
32.Thanks Dingleballs - Part 7 1/16/2012
33.Fight Club - Part 11/18/2012
34.Fight Club Part 21/20/2012
35.Fight Club - Part 3: "Kick Ass"1/22/2012
36.Fight Club - Part 4: Duck You Sucker!1/24/2012
37.Fight Club - Part 5: Chutzpuh1/26/2012
38.Fight Club - Part 6: Everybody, Be Cool1/29/2012
39.Fight Club - Part 7: Die Hard1/31/2012
40.Fight Club - Part 8: Licence To Kill2/2/2012
41.Fight Club Part 9 - Stupid Is, As Stupid Does2/5/2012
42.Fight Club Epilogue - Pt. 1 "You Can Say That Again"2/7/2012
43.Fight Club Epilogue Part 2: Stoner's Solution2/9/2012
44.Fight Club: Epilogue Pt. 4 - Pure Genius!2/12/2012
45.Don't Ask, Don't Tell, I Smell A Fishy Smell2/14/2012
46.Something Stinks Around Here.2/16/2012
47.Mums The Word2/20/2012
48.Sweet Memories2/22/2012
49.Fish-Head Fiasco Finale!2/24/2012
50.Dope Ninja - Pt. 12/27/2012
51.Dope Ninja - Pt. 22/29/2012
52.Dope Ninja - Pt. 33/2/2012
53.Barfield's Return Pt. 13/19/2012
54.Barfield's Return Pt. 23/21/2012
55.Barfield's Return Pt. 3 3/23/2012
56.That Darn Cat3/26/2012
57.Where there's smoke...3/28/2012
58.Flame On!3/30/2012
59.The Good and the Bad4/2/2012
60.The Great Outdoors4/4/2012
61.A Bright Idea4/6/2012
62.Hat Trick4/9/2012
63.Up In Smoke4/11/2012
64.Bum Buddies4/13/2012
65.Ho-boned 4/16/2012
66.Home Is Where The Beer Is4/18/2012
67.Best Laid Plans4/19/2012
68.Boozer's Logic4/23/2012
69.Annie Fanny4/25/2012
70.Ignorance Is Bliss4/27/2012
71.More fun than S.T.D.s4/30/2012
72.You may not unleash the artistic rage5/1/2012
73.A Win Win Situation5/3/2012
74.Bro's Before Ho's5/7/2012
75.I Thought We Named The Dog Rover!5/9/2012
76.Turd is the Word5/11/2012
77.Whiskey on a Sunday5/14/2012
78.Unleash The Beast5/16/2012
79.You'd Better Believe It!5/17/2012
80.Wild Card!5/21/2012
81.Home Improvement The Hard Way5/23/2012
82.I've Got Sunshine5/25/2012
83.Fun Run5/28/2012
85.High and Dry6/1/2012
86.Kick Ass!6/3/2012
87.Boozer the Snowman6/6/2012
88.Shit Job6/8/2012
89.The Watering Can Incident6/11/2012
90.The Plot Thickens6/13/2012
92.On The Road Again6/18/2012
93.Stoner Phone Home6/25/2012
95.Good Old Days6/29/2012
96.Shit Shack7/2/2012
97.The Good, The Bad...7/4/2012
98....The Ugly7/6/2012
100.Super Sized 100th Comic!7/13/2012
101.Poop Shoot7/16/2012
102.House Of Mouse7/18/2012
103.House Of Mouse Part 27/20/2012
104.The Gas Man Cometh7/22/2012
105.A Shocking Discovery7/25/2012
106.Dinosaur Comics!7/27/2012
107.Coon Hunting Boozer7/30/2012
108.The Rotten Raccoon Rescue8/3/2012
109.Mister Clean8/6/2012
110.Something Stinks at the Crack Shack8/9/2012
111.Carcass Free Is The Way To Be!8/14/2012
112.What? Me Worry?8/17/2012
113.Mail Time! Part. 18/28/2012
114.Mail Time! Part 28/30/2012
115.Back In Black Pt. 1 - A Sign From Above9/10/2012
116.Back In Black Pt. 2 - Mind The Spray9/12/2012
117.Back In Black Pt. 3 - A Shot in the Dark9/25/2012
118.Back In Black Pt. 4 - Hic-Fucks9/27/2012
119.Back in Black Pt. 5 - Desparate Measures10/2/2012
120.Back In Black Pt. 6 - Let There Be Light10/4/2012
121.A Few Loose Ends10/12/2012
122.Pulchritude Dude10/29/2012
123.Cereal Box Surprize!11/2/2012
124....on a stick!11/8/2012
125.Epic Mealtime With Boozer11/13/2012
126.Smoke If You Got 'em 11/16/2012
127.I Scream, You Scream...11/20/2012
128.Turd Alert! Turd Alert!11/27/2012
129.Job For A Day11/29/2012
130.Boozer Tuesday12/3/2012
131.By the Power of Brewski's12/5/2012
132.O Christmess Tree!12/25/2012
133.Beer Run!1/15/2013
134.The Bionic Beer Man Pt. 11/23/2013
135.The Bionic Beer Man Pt. 21/24/2013
136.The Bionic Beer Man Pt. 31/25/2013
137.The Bionic Beer Man Pt. 41/26/2013
138.The Bionic Beer Man Pt. 51/28/2013
139.The Bionic Beer Man Pt. 61/29/2013
140.The Bionic Beer Man Pt. 71/30/2013
141.The Bionic Beer Man Pt. 81/30/2013
142.Fuck You TV!2/4/2013
143.Space Mopster!2/17/2013
144.The Force is strong with this one!2/28/2013
145.Honey PiƱata!3/1/2013
146.The Fun Time Fiasco3/26/2013
147.That time we were playing with explosives. Pt. 15/24/2013
148.That time we were playing with explosives. Pt. 25/26/2013
149.That time we were playing with explosives. Pt. 36/17/2013
150.That time we were playing with explosives. Pt. 46/18/2013
151.That time we were playing with explosives. Pt. 56/19/2013
152.That time we were playing with explosives. Pt. 67/8/2013
153.That time we were playing with explosives. Pt. 77/9/2013
154.That time we were playing with explosives. Pt. 811/26/2013
155.That time we were playing with explosives. Pt. 911/27/2013
156.That time we were playing with explosives. Pt. 1012/7/2013
157.That time we were playing with explosives. Pt. 1112/10/2013
158.That time we were playing with explosives. Pt. 1212/11/2013
159.Hammer Time!2/4/2014
160.Dollar Daze - Part 13/12/2014
161.Dollar Daze - Part 23/14/2014
162.Dollar Daze - Part 37/25/2014
163.Dollar Daze - Part 47/28/2014
164.Dollar Daze - Part 59/15/2014
165.Dollar Daze - Part 69/16/2014
166.Dollar Daze - Part 711/11/2014
167.Dollar Daze - Part 811/13/2014
168.Dollar Daze - Part 911/14/2014
169.The Cheerios Kid -Part 111/16/2014
170.The Cheerios Kid -Part 211/19/2014
171.Tasty Fresh - Part 111/20/2014
172.Tasty Fresh - Part 211/24/2014
173.Tasty Fresh - Part 312/3/2014
174.Tasty Fresh - Part 412/4/2014
175.9,900 Bottles of Beer -Pt. 112/11/2014
176.9,900 Bottles of Beer -Pt. 212/12/2014
177.9,900 Bottles of Beer -Pt. 312/16/2014
178.9,900 Bottles of Beer -Pt. 412/18/2014

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